Fresh styling, clean lines and unique lighting add beauty and ambiance to your spa experience.

The Freeflow Difference


Manufactured using a rotational molding process which reduces material and labour costs, making them more affordable than traditional, acrylic hot tubs.


Renting? Moving? Or possibly redoing your garden? No worries! Our lightweight spas can be taken with you and remain a part of your family wherever you go.

Energy Efficient

Each spa features full foam insulation to provide maximum efficiency and low monthly operating costs. Freeflow Spas are certified to the guidelines set forth by the California Energy Commission (CEC).

Great value with quality build

Freeflow hot tubs offer a relaxing a experience without the large cost associated with hot tubs.

Freeflow hot tubs are incredibly durable. They are produced using  a ‘one-piece’ hot tub shell. This means there is no need for an external frame which reduces cost.

Freeflow hot tubs offer a premium hot tub experience at a more affordable price.

Portable Hot Tubs

Freeflow hot tubs are plug and play. If you’re renting you can take these hot tubs with you. If you move home, you can take it with you. They can be placed in tight spaces or on balconies for example.

Freeflow can be filled with a garden hose and plugged into a standard plug socket. That means there is no installation required.

No installation Required

No installation required. You can literally plug in and start enjoying your hot tub.

Do you hate spending long hours assembling things? So do we. Save money and time with our Plug-N-Play technology which requires no additional wiring or expensive 230v installation.

Simply fill up your hot tub with a garden hose, plug it into any standard plug fitting and relax!