Solis Infrared Sauna

The Foveo 3 Person Sauna is an environmentally friendly infrared sauna made from Canadian Hemlock wood.

This wood exceeds industry standards due to its light and bright texture which makes this sauna extremely elegant, whilst ensuring the retention of heat.

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Technical Specification

Dimensions (LxWxH)
1630 × 1056 × 1900 mm

3 Persons

280 kg

Additional Information

Infrared saunas unlike other saunas do not heat up the air around you, but instead they use infrared lamps to directly warm your body up. The heat helps penetrate deeper into your body to target any problematic areas.

This sauna has built in LED lights both inside and surrounding the sauna, as well as Bluetooth which enables you to listen and relax to your favourite music.

Suitable for indoor use only
Bluetooth audio
Multi coloured LED lights inside and surrounding the sauna
Operates up to a maximum of 60 degrees – ideal operating temperature between 49-54 degrees
Capacity: 3 person
Wood: Canadian Hemlock Wood construction
Heater: 7 carbon infrared heating panels (2400W)
Electrical Service: Dedicated 13amp
Clasp Together Assembly: 45-60 minutes with 2 adults
Dimensions: H 190 x W 163.5 x D 105.6 cm

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